Below you'll find instructions on how to embed Dominion on your own site.

How to embed

Perform the following steps in order to embed the player on your website:

  1. Import the player's CSS in the head of the document:
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://embed.watchdominion.org/dist/wd-player.css" />
  2. Add a placeholder with an ID in your HTML where you want the video to be placed:
    <div class="video-container">
      <video id="player" />
  3. Import the player's JavaScript in the body of the document and initialize the player:
    <script src="https://embed.watchdominion.org/dist/wd-player.umd.js"></script>


The following options can be passed as a second argument:

wdplayer("#player", {
  color: "#f00", // Set the theme color.
  poster: undefined, // Overwrite the default poster.
  movie: "dominion", // Select what movie you want to embed (dominion, cube-of-truth, dont-watch).
  host: "", // Overwrite the host (during development).